Book Reviews

Tom Bleecker
DEEP COVER COP is a fantastic read for the millions of diehard television and movie fans of nonfiction police drama. From cover to cover, San Jose police officer Ted Sumner takes the reader through heroic and daring undercover police stings that fill each page with gripping suspense, death threats, and white-knuckle action. A must read! DEEP COVER COP has everything but a train wreck!
Tom Bleecker Author and Screen Writer
Tom Bleecker (WGA) began his writing career in 1970 under the mentorship of Oscar winning screenwriter and director Blake Edwards and continued writing television and film for Edwards for 15 years. During that time frame, Bleecker also wrote for actor William Shatner, as well as several television companies and major film studios. After writing for screen and television for nearly 30 years, Bleecker coauthored his first book with Linda Lee (The Bruce Lee Story), which was published in July 1988 and used as the foundational material for Universal’s feature film “DRAGON.”
I bought the book from my instructor, Mark Tracy, who always tells of the stories in the books as examples. The book was a very good read. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and could relate to the Kenpo techniques used in actual street scenarios. It brings proven affirmation that the techniques I am learning really work when you need them to. Mark always says: “Ted is alive today because Kenpo works!” Can’t wait for the movie!
Randy Slamowitz
Buy this book IMMEDIATELY! Deep Cover Cop is a fast, easy and intense read. I felt like I was standing next to Mr. Sumner on his police and personal trials and tribulations. I could relate to many of the situations Mr. Sumner had to face. Mr. Sumner started as an athletic young beat cop to a brash naive undercover cop and a smarter wiser veteran. Mr. Sumner also lets the reader in to the struggles of his home life. I would like to thank you, Mr. Sumner, for your service and your sacrifices and for your continued journey in helping others.
Ron Alkins