Ted Sumner looked like a kid, but he was a battle hardened veteran who was given an undercover assignment that no one had ever tried before. He worked alone. He couldn’t wear a wire; he had no way to call for backup. He lived by his wits and cunning. Working alone and unaided in his capacity as a deep undercover naroctics agent, Sumner faded into the shadowy purgatory of drugs and crime meticulously building case after case that brought to justice hundreds of dealers and wrecked and dismantled dozens of narcotic distribution organizations.

He walked through a dark, demonic world of outlaws, drug addicts and pushers, befriending and trafficking with criminals from the street level dealer to the kingpins of syndicates with international connections. His story reads like action fiction; but it’s all true. No work of fiction could come closer to the realities of what happened to this Deep Cover Cop.